Taco Bell had beef with Beyond Meat’s fake carne asada

taco bell had beef with beyond meat’s fake carne asada

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Taco Bell, the restaurant known for having ground beef that’s utterly indescribable, reportedly told Beyond Meat that its version of carne asada wasn’t good enough to serve. According to Bloomberg, the chain canceled a test product that featured Beyond’s plant-based steak after samples failed to live up to its standards.

The report doesn’t make it clear what the company wasn’t fond of — was it the texture? The taste? Was it just too high-end for Taco Bell, seeming more like something you’d find at a Chipotle rather than the restaurant known as the place you drunkenly get 2 AM takeout and NFTs? Whatever the case, people on Twitter have been having an absolute field day with the news.

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