Supporting the newly qualified practitioner workforce – RCSLT

22 September 2022
For newly qualified practitioners (NQPs), transitioning into the workforce can be challenging. The pandemic served to exacerbate those challenges, with many NQPs entering a workforce still dealing with staff shortages and long waiting lists.
The RCSLT has worked with members to develop a set of practical tips to help make this transition easier. The tips are split into those for NQPs themselves and those aimed at their supervisors and managers. The tips cover recruitment, completing RCSLT NQP competencies, induction, learning, wellbeing and more. There’s also a sharable infographic format (PNG) available.

The resources were developed from a workshop held earlier this year, Supporting our newly qualified workforce: practical solutions for clinicians, managers and CENs. Many thanks to the NQPs, managers and supervisors who attended and presented at the workshop.
Including advice on making the most of your learning, looking after yourself during challenging times and progressing in the profession
These resources are designed to help you during this important transitional period in your career
Advice on recruitment, induction and how to support SLTs at the beginning of their careers

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