Supercell’s next game is all about co-operation

supercell’s next game is all about co-operation

Supercell, the Finnish developer best-known for mobile hits like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, announced its next game today — and it looks to be a big departure. Called Everdale, it’s described as “a peaceful building game based on cooperation and friendship.” There are plenty of mobile games about building towns or villages, but Everdale’s hook is that you’ll do that alongside other players.

Here’s the basic set-up:

Your village is actually part of a larger valley, where you and nine other players work together to build a big, wondrous utopia. In the valley, you’ll meet an eclectic cast of characters, make handcrafted goods, and trade with merchants from far off lands. More still, you can jump into local adventures, and level up your…

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