Super Pumped gets a new, longer teaser with more Uber shenanigans

super pumped gets a new

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Travis Kalanick in the show’s first season. | Image: Showtime

There’s a new teaser for the first season of Super Pumped, Showtime’s upcoming anthology show about Silicon Valley startups that hit it big. As we saw in the teaser from December, season one will revolve around Uber and its former CEO Travis Kalanick, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The show’s first story will be based on the book that’s also named Super Pumped, which was written by New York Times reporter Mike Issac. It’ll follow the, in the trailer’s words, “wild, loud, cocky, shady, reckless, excessive, ridiculous, damaging, outrageous” story of Uber’s founder, who resigned from his role as CEO in 2017 after investors demanded change following a series of controversies.

This new trailer contains some quotable moments, including one…

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