Still on the hunt for the perfect gift? Here are some last-minute ideas

still on the hunt for the perfect gift? here are some last-minute ideas

A gift card offering access to thousands of books from Amazon or Barnes and Noble is a great present for bookworms. | Photo by Chaim Gartenberg

So the holidays are just days away, and you’re panicking because you still haven’t found a gift yet. Perhaps the present you wanted to give simply won’t arrive in time, or maybe you’ve just been too busy — or lazy — to pick something up (no judgment there). Whatever the reason, don’t worry; thanks to the internet, procrastinators, busy bees, and even lazy folks can still buy some great digital gifts without needing to leave their house.

The only problem? There are tons of digital gifts to choose from, ranging from streaming subscriptions to concert tickets, and finding the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few gift ideas across a number of popular categories, including film and travel, so you quickly choose,…

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