Star Wars: Eclipse is a new action-adventure game set in the High Republic era from Quantic Dream

star wars: eclipse is a new action-adventure game set in the high republic era from quantic dream

Quantic Dream’s rumored Star Wars title has been officially announced at the 2021 Game Awards: Star Wars: Eclipse, which will be set in the “High Republic” era of the Star Wars universe, hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga during the golden age of the Jedi Order and the Republic.

The High Republic began as an ambitious multimedia project last year, but until now has mostly been focused on an interconnected series of books and comics exploring the Jedi Order and its fight with the Nihil, a new faction of marauders who use unique hyperspace technology to raid across the galaxy.

Quantic Dream is best known for its interactive narrative titles, including Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the somewhat controversial D…

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