Specialized’s next-generation Turbo e-bikes are basically computers on wheels

specialized’s next-generation turbo e-bikes are basically computers on wheels

Andrew J. Hawkins

Specialized is launching next-generation versions of two of its most popular electric bikes, the Turbo Vado and Turbo Como, as well as producing a brand new model, the Turbo Tero. And while the bikes themselves look fantastic, the big story is the upgraded technology operating within. That’s because Specialized has improved these e-bikes to the point where they are basically computers on wheels.

Specialized is making its e-bikes much smarter with a host of new features on the software side. That includes over-the-air software updates, meaning customers can enjoy new features as Specialized develops them over time. The company’s Mission Control app is designed to digitize the experience, providing a place where customers can receive OTA…

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