Sounds like the Halo Needler is finally getting the Nerf blaster it deserves

halo needler nerf lmtd.0

The Halo Needler is one of the most memorable video game weapons ever designed: an alien rifle that shoots homing spikes of crystalline plasma that explode. While clearly taking some inspiration from The Fifth Element’s “replay gun” in shape and functionality, it’s gained a following of its own. Now, Hasbro has announced a foam-firing Nerf replica of the Needler that might finally do it justice.

The $100 Nerf LMTD Halo Needler follows the company’s Aliens Pulse Rifle and The Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse blaster in asking the question: what if Hasbro built a cosplay-grade Nerf blaster for its biggest fans instead of something that needs to sell like a toy? The answer is a 10-round fully automatic blaster with light-up spikes whose lights…

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