Sonic Frontiers teases an ‘open-zone’ redemption for the franchise’s 3D legacy

sonic frontiers teases an ‘open-zone’ redemption for the franchise’s 3d legacy

Dread it. Run from it. But Sonic Team still is making another 3D Sonic game: Sonic Frontiers, which was formally announced with an early preview at the 2021 Game Awards.

Originally teased earlier in 2021 as part of Sega’s 30th anniversary celebration for the Sonic franchise, Sonic Frontiers is the first new Sonic game since the release of the much-maligned Sonic Forces in 2017 (which itself had been announced to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary).

Sega didn’t show a real look at gameplay for Sonic Frontiers, which isn’t set to arrive until holidays 2022, but studio is promising “high velocity open-zone freedom,” which could indicate levels with more room to explore. The trailer definitely appears to be going for a Breath of the…

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