Sleep Number wants you to grow old in its smart beds

sleep number wants you to grow old in its smart beds

The new Sleep Number 360 smart bed | Image: Sleep Number

Sleep Number’s 360 smart beds are a regular fixture at CES, and this year is no exception. Today, Sleep Number is announcing the latest upgrades to its 360 smart beds, improving some of their built-in sensors and adding on surrounding tech like lights and mobility accessories that it calls “smart furniture.” The idea, according to Sleep Number, is to create more accessible smart beds so that people can age more comfortably or recover from injuries.

“Smart furniture” is a new addition that surrounds the 360 smart bed. While it looks like one of those fancy headboards with built-in shelves, Sleep Number says it was built to support sleep health and make its beds more accessible. For example, the smart furniture includes mobility aids to…

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