New Skai infographic highlights key marketing trends, full report to follow next week
Today, Skai, a leading commerce intelligence platform, is publishing its Q1 2022 Digital Marketing Quarterly Trends Infographic, an in-depth analysis of the digital marketing trends that defined the last quarter (Q1), with a full report to follow next week. Overall, spending decreased from Q4 to Q1 as the market recovered from the holidays; however, spending grew compared to the previous year and extended many of the fundamental trends established over previous quarters.
Overall spending growth continues
Retail media spending growth accelerated in Q1 to +38% year-over-year (YoY) as advertisers increased investments on Amazon and broadened their programs to other retail media networks. Paid search (+15% YoY) and paid social (+10% YoY) grew, but at a slower rate, with paid search reaching the tail end of last year’s growth spurt and paid social continuing to face IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) headwinds even as advertisers began implementing solutions to data loss.
Big spenders double down across channels
There continues to be a segment of advertisers who grow investments at a high rate in each paid media channel. At least one out of 10 search and social accounts doubled ad expenditures YoY in the first quarter, while retail media nearly doubled that rate at almost one out of every five accounts.
Non-branded search keyword prices level off after 2021 increases
The average cost-per-click (CPC) for non-brand keywords in paid search has remained flat for the last three quarters after rising over 50% from Q1 to Q3 of last year. Spending in this segment grew 11% YoY, less than the overall channel.
Social video increases momentum over last quarter
Across impressions, clicks, and spending, social video ads picked up from Q4 to Q1 both as an ad format and as a campaign objective. This is consistent with both post-IDFA strategic behavior and as a response to the emphasis on short-form video content across social media networks.
Apple Search Ads continue positive trajectory
Same-advertiser spending on Apple Search Ads grew 67% YoY. The lower-funnel ad placements have been very attractive to app advertisers who are looking to drive installs and engagement.
Other findings include:
“There has been a lot of attention on paid social spending in the wake of IDFA, and while those headwinds continue to affect growth rates, we’re starting to see signs of how that ecosystem is adapting,” said Chris Costello, Senior Director of Marketing Research at Skai. “By focusing on data within the walled gardens that can be used to retarget audiences later, like video views or clicks on product ads, marketers can replace data that used to come from communication with other apps. Meanwhile, we see retail media spending pick up where it left off before a structurally challenging fourth quarter, and paid search settling down after increases in click price drove spending sharply higher last year.”
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