See inside the iPhone 13 Pro in iFixit’s latest teardown

see inside the iphone 13 pro in ifixit’s latest teardown

iPhone 13 Pro | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The team at iFixit has a new teardown of the iPhone 13 Pro, finding it has an enormous battery and some small internal changes to how the components are laid out to accommodate the smaller notch on this year’s models.

First, the battery. After conducting battery swap tests, on the iPhone 13 Pro, iFixit found its tests succeeded, but still got a warning notification. The L-shaped battery echoes the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iFixit notes:

This beefy L caps out at an expected 11.97 Wh compared to the 10.78 Wh obelisk found in the iPhone 12 Pro (and non-Pro), but loses out to the standard’s 12.54 Wh rectangular cell.

iFixit/Creative Electron

An X-ray image of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

iFixit posits that Apple was able to…

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