Second Working Group Meeting held to develop public awareness materials for conciliation users and citizens in Turkey – Council of Europe

The second working group meeting within the scope of the activity on developing a practical handbook, general information leaflets, posters, and video for conciliation users and citizens was held on 14-15 March 2022 in Ankara under the European Union-Council of Europe Joint Project on “Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution in Turkey”.
26 participants participated in the meeting, including the Directorate General for Criminal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, local consultants, representatives of companies that will produce the public awareness materials and stakeholders (judges, prosecutors, conciliators, lawyers, academicians specialised on criminal justice and communication), as well as members of the Council of Europe project team.
During the two-day meeting, representatives of companies presented the design of materials they have developed following the online briefing meetings about the expectations of the Council of Europe and the Beneficiary. The discussions were carried out on the draft handbook for defendants and plaintiffs; leaflets for defendants, plaintiffs, citizens, lawyers, justice police; posters for defendants, plaintiffs, citizens; and the video targeting citizens. The proposed infographic and photographic design of the public awareness materials, including the slogans, messages, visuals as well the scenario and real shooting of the different conflict cases for the video, were discussed and finalised in line with the visual identity developed for all public awareness materials.
The conciliation video is planned to be broadcasted as a public service announcement and the final versions of practical handbook, leaflet and posters will be distributed to the stakeholders and relevant institutions with the purpose of guiding the conciliation users regarding the steps of the conciliation process, promoting all aspects of conciliation, as well as assisting the target groups to reach the necessary information about the conciliation process quickly and easily.
The Joint Project on “Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Turkey” is co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey Directorate General for Criminals Affairs and Directorate General for Legal Affairs are the end beneficiaries of the Project. The Central Finance and Contracts Unit is the contracting authority.
Agenda (Turkish-English)