Scuf’s Reflex for PS5 is a pricier, customizable take on the DualSense

scuf’s reflex for ps5 is a pricier

I adore the face buttons that don’t show the signature shape indicators. | Scuf

Scuf has introduced the Reflex lineup of customizable wireless controllers made for the PS5 and PC, consisting of three pricey controllers. Pricing starts at $199.99 for the Reflex, $229.99 for the Reflex Pro, going all the way up to $259.99 for the Reflex FPS, and each model has its own unique features.

Across the range, the Reflex is built upon Sony’s first-party DualSense controller board. That means it’ll receive updates through your console and that its feature set is almost identical to what you’d get from Sony’s controller (Scuf’s Instinct Pro for Xbox was built this way, too, mirroring Microsoft’s first-party controller). The Scuf Reflex is rechargeable and supports USB-C charging, and it has a mute button and features a…

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