Scream is back, and Ghostface is better at controlling my smart home than my phone

scream is back

Image: Paramount Pictures

He’s back, and he’s coming for you — through your smart home. As if Ghostface’s reappearance after a decade laying dormant wasn’t scary enough, this time, the nineties-self-aware-slasher-killer knows how to control your door locks. And clearly, smart home manufacturers could learn a thing or two from him (or her). This dude’s got some killer protocols on hand.

The first trailer for Scream dropped today. It’s technically Scream 5, but apparently, we’re ditching numbers when it comes to horror movie re-boots. And it opens in that kitchen with another child star home alone. Disney darling Jenna Ortega steps in for the E.T. wunderkind as “Tara,” and while we need to get past the landline phone in the kitchen (what decade is this?), seeing as…

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