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SBS has published an infographic series explaining how to correctly use a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), which will be made available in more than 50 languages.
Four separate infographics have been produced clearly outlining the steps involved to correctly undertake a RAT, including guides to taking a sample, extracting that sample, testing the sample and reading the results.
They have been shared and continue to be available on SBS’s social media channels for each language.
sbs releases rat infographics in multiple languages to support cald communities – b&t
sbs releases rat infographics in multiple languages to support cald communities – b&t
sbs releases rat infographics in multiple languages to support cald communities – b&t
The infographics continue SBS’s work in serving Australia’s diverse multicultural communities during the pandemic, ensuring vital information that they may not otherwise be able to access in their language of choice, is easily available and tailored to their needs.
“We hope that this will be a useful resource for individuals, businesses, schools, and organisations large and small,” said SBS director of audio and language content, David Hua.
“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and there is a growing need for self-monitoring and self-testing through Rapid Antigen Tests, it is crucial that the testing process is clearly understood and carried out correctly.
“With many test instructions only available in English there is a risk that they can be misunderstood which can affect the health of the whole community.
“SBS is proud to continue playing a key role in ensuring vital information is available and accessible for culturally and linguistically diverse communities by producing these latest infographics in more than 50 languages, helping to keep all Australians informed and safe.”
Since the start of the pandemic, SBS has been delivering an extensive range of COVID-19 services across its platforms, supporting the many culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and providing access to information in their preferred language.
This includes the SBS Multilingual Coronavirus Portal, which – since launching in March 2020 – has been accessed over 11 million unique visitors in Australia.
Hua added, “Over the course of the pandemic, SBS has continued to introduce new initiatives and services for audiences – from live translating daily COVID-19 press conferences, to producing videos sharing critical health information at every stage, and busting myths and misinformation.
“Our role in being there for communities, across our more than 60 language services, continues to be critical. We are part of the communities we serve and we’re proud to continue to respond to meet their needs and adapt and expand our offering.”
Haymes Paint flexes it’s Aussie credentials Melbourne independent agency Balance has enrolled iconic Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain to be the face of Ballarat-based Haymes Paint’s new ‘Paint On Australia’ marketing campaign. The campaign uses Nazeem’s trademark personality to encourage Aussies to celebrate and embrace what it means to be uniquely Australian, something Haymes Paint is […]MediaCom’s vending machine offering no new alternatives after retaining the Mars business.
In an industry first, thrive pr + communications, Australasia’s largest independent public relations agency, has announced Thrive Tech Academy – a technology information training program designed for marcomms professionals to advance their knowledge, understanding and ability to communicate in today’s tech-driven world. With the tech sector’s annual contribution to the Australian economy sitting at $1.67 […]Essence announces new leadership appointments who, judging by the press photo, look mighty chuffed indeed.
The top thing about an exercise bike, two weeks after becoming bored of it they make an excellent indoor clothes horse.
Foxtel subscribers can now enjoy Outback Opal Hunters & Dr Pimple Popper. Yes, we use “enjoy” loosely on that last one.
With such a deranged, violent state, B&T’s surprised Sky News hasn’t yet offered Andrew O’Keefe an on-air hosting role.
This Lizzo ad had the B&T office up and dancing. We’ve now got three broken desks, broken collarbone & a sprained ankle.
Often see new industry initiatives and think “wish I’d thought of that”? Create that very thought bubble on this news.
Content Marketing Agency, Written & Recorded has partnered with global education institution Torrens University Australia to launch a new podcast series, Research that Matters – a podcast about the power of research. Featuring outcome-focused researchers, this series cements the idea that nothing has shaped modern life more than research. In an era of COVID-19 – the great disruption – the […]Need to brush up on your marketing skills? Well, there’s either this news or some ranty Mark Ritson column somewhere.
If your Nan hasn’t phoned to tell you already, Antiques Roadshow hosted a rather disturbing segment over the weekend.
by B&T Magazine
If you’re going to have a slightly-too-close press photo like this one, best to ensure the nose hairs are at their peak.
Work for one of the Omnicom agencies? Have the rest of the afternoon off on these top numbers and say B&T said so.
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Cannes in Cairns’ promise is a top speaker line-up, fab networking & Australia’s media elite in their budgie smugglers.
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With more people now watching MAFS than the news, have we entered the seventh cycle of the 15 signs of Doomsday?
Nunn Media announces five new recruits, leaving it agonisingly short of an impressive staff pyramid.
Some 83% of Aussies are now using social media. The other 17% enjoying the sun on their face & the wind in their hair.
Thought this study into Aussie men would reveal more than just sex, sport & beer? Get set for profound disappointment.
Do you often yell, “I get nothing from my health insurance”? Put that chronic neck pain aside with these new NIB ads.
Being tall is terrible for travelling in economy class, however, it’s excellent for starring in basketball competitions.
Market-leading linking platform, Linktree has today announced its integration with Bandsintown, as well as embeds with Audiomack and SoundCloud, delivering value and functionality across the music vertical. Linktree will continue prioritising fans and artists’ needs, offering key feature updates that enable the discovery of content and a centralised destination for all avenues of monetisation: touring, […]Tinder campaign is spruiking “30 dates in 30 dates”! And if that doesn’t give you an itch in the crotch, nothing will.
Take the survey & go into the chance to win a bottle of Veuve! Top industry insights combined with a gnawing hangover.
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Here’s some good old-fashioned fun B&T likes to run once in a while. Also saves us doing any real, meaningful work.
CHE Proximity announces rebrand to CHEP Network. Both CHEP Funkdafunk or CHEP Electric Boogaloo not considered.
There’s never been a more lucrative time to work in tech. However, you probably will get avoided at dinner parties.
If anything, Super Bowl ads provide well-needed work for Hollywood actors who haven’t starred in a hit for a while.
Officials from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) have come after US tech giants for their inaction on fake news. As reported by Reuters, Indian officials have held heated discussions with Google, Twitter and Facebook for not proactively removing what they described as fake news on their platforms. I&B officials criticised the companies and […]It was a Barty Party at the Australian Open this year, with Ash Barty becoming the first Aussie to win a grand slam at home in 44 years, writes Kate Rourke, head of creative insights, iStock, APAC. While the win made Barty (Pictured above) hot property in the media, this isn’t the case for most […]© 2022 The Misfits Media Company Pty Limited. All Rights Reserved.
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