Save on spooky games to play during Halloween and more

save on spooky games to play during halloween and more

Okay, Deathloop isn’t scary, but the deal on it is scary good.

It’s the spooky holiday this weekend, but you probably already knew that since Halloween decorations have likely been up in your town for the last month and a half. But what hasn’t been around as long (and will disappear faster than those decorations) are the deals below. To match the mood, we’re going to share special discounts on scary video games that you need to play if you’re trying to get in the holiday spirit this weekend. Just so you know, Steam’s Halloween sale ends Monday, November 1st, likely at 1PM ET / 10AM PT. Following that gaming-centric section, you’ll find deals on tech gadgets that we think you’ll enjoy.

Gaming deals

Okay, so Deathloop is far from being a scary game at its core (though it can become quite tense when…

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