Samsung’s new 980 Pro SSD for the PS5 brings its own heatsink

samsung’s new 980 pro ssd for the ps5 brings its own heatsink

Samsung has created a new 980 Pro SSD model designed for Sony’s PlayStation 5. The SSD includes a heatsink specifically designed to fit inside the M.2 SSD storage expansion slot inside the PS5. Samsung is releasing this new 980 Pro SSD model on October 29th, priced at $249.99 for the 1TB version or $449.99 for the 2TB model.

The built-in heatsink is designed to keep temperatures low enough to deliver sustained speeds, with sequential read speeds of up to 7,000MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 5,100MB/s. Not many games take advantage of such speeds on the PS5 just yet — Samsung’s 980 Pro specs are way above the 5,500MB/s read speeds that Sony recommends.


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