Samsung’s Frame TV is $300 off at Best Buy and Amazon today

samsung’s frame tv is $300 off at best buy and amazon today

For a limited time, Samsung’s 55-inch, art-inspired QLED is down to $998, its best price to date. | Samsung

Nobody will deny the unique appeal of the Samsung Frame TV, which you can currently find at both Amazon and Best Buy for $300 off its original MSRP. While the price is a bit steep for a 55-inch 4K TV, you’re really paying for the aesthetics and the QLED panel. When removed from its stand, the Frame TV is virtually indistinguishable from a framed piece of artwork on the wall, even going so far as to include an ambient art mode that’s designed to transform the HDR TV into a piece of decor rather than a passive appliance. The 2021 model offers some impressive specs as well, including support for Amazon’s Alexa, four HDMI ports, a 120Hz refresh rate, and the Tizen smart platform, which enables access to most major streaming services without…

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