Returnal finally adds a ‘suspend’ feature to let you pause the game mid-run

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Returnal’s 2.0 update is out today, bringing two of the most requested features for Housemarque’s punishingly difficult sci-fi roguelike: the option to suspend the game in the middle of a run without losing progress, and a photo mode for capturing all of Atropos’ most stunning visuals.

The lack of a suspend mode has been one of the biggest knocks against the otherwise well-received title. An average run in Returnal can easily take upward of 45 minutes and had to be completed in a single gameplay session. Players were unable to close out Returnal and come back to a run later, and if the console was accidentally shut down or lost power, you’d lose all your hard-won progress.

The new “Suspend Cycle” mode aims to fix that. It’s not a…

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