Resident Evil 4 VR is launching October 21st, but only on Oculus Quest 2

resident evil 4 vr is launching october 21st

A virtual reality version of Resident Evil 4 will launch October 21st on Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headset.

Resident Evil 4 VR was announced earlier this year. But Facebook and Capcom — as well as third-party development studio Armature — have only offered glimpses of its gameplay, including a short trailer. It adapts the original game’s content with a (mostly) first-person point of view, re-engineering it to take advantage of VR motion controls.

Armature’s Resident Evil 4 makes a somewhat complicated series of small changes the original 2005 horror game. It’s supposed to feature the same narrative content and world design, rather than getting the kind of overhaul Resident Evil 2 did in 2019. But it’s been re-engineered to…

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