Red Notice’s first trailer is full of explosions, car chases, art heists, and Ryan Reynolds quips

red notice’s first trailer is full of explosions

Frank Masi/NETFLIX

Red Notice, Netflix’s next big action movie swing, has gotten its first trailer, showing off the fast (and dare I say, furious) antics of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He plays the FBI’s top profiler as he hunts down the world’s two most wanted criminals — played by Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Based on the trailer, it seems Johnson’s Agent John Hartley actually catches Reynolds’ character, Nolan Booth — dubbed “the world’s greatest art thief” — fairly early on, forcing the two to partner up in order to catch Gadot’s character, “The Bishop.” She’s described as “the world’s most wanted art thief,” which is apparently a different thing than being the world’s greatest art thief. This is also, broadly, the plot of Hobbs & Shaw, a movie that…

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