Razer’s new Kaira Pro headset will bring the bass to PS5

razer’s new kaira pro headset will bring the bass to ps5

The Kaira lineup for PS5 has leatherette-covered ear cups. | Razer

After releasing a fleet of gaming products geared toward Xbox and PC, Razer is finally giving the PS5 a little love with two new Kaira wireless headsets, the $99.99 Kaira and the $199.99 Kaira Pro. They aren’t carbon copies of the Xbox versions, either. Razer made a color palette swap to a white / black colorway, and there’s leatherette covering the ear cups, as opposed to a piece of breathable mesh fabric. But that’s not all.

The more expensive Kaira Pro is the only one of the two models to have HyperSense haptics, which will deliver jolts of vibration to make your games and other content more immersive. Razer recently announced that this feature’s coming to the new (and similarly priced) Kraken V3 Pro that is also made to support…

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