Razer’s 2022 Blade laptops are more refined but mostly the same

razer’s 2022 blade laptops are more refined but mostly the same


Razer isn’t using CES 2022 as a moment to show off a bold, new laptop concept. Instead, it’s asserting its dominance in the gaming laptop world by announcing refreshed Blade laptops that are barely different on the outside but with marked improvements on the inside.

Starting with the biggest updates, the Blade 14, Blade 15, and Blade 17 each feature the jump to faster DDR5 RAM (Razer’s goes up to 4,800MHz), along with support for AMD’s latest Ryzen 9, or Intel’s new 12th Gen processors, depending on the model you want. Additionally, Razer’s 2022 update will offer support for up to Nvidia’s new RTX 3070 Ti and the 3080 Ti mobile graphics chip. You’re likely to find these specs in many gaming laptops being announced during this year’s…

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