Razer gaming peripherals are discounted at Best Buy and Amazon today

razer gaming peripherals are discounted at best buy and amazon today

Razer products offer a lot for those that love RGB accent lighting, with software to sync it all together. | Image: Razer

Best Buy’s deal of the day for today features a range of Razer products worth considering for any of your gaming or streaming needs, and Amazon is matching or beating some of these prices. If retailers are competing, you’re probably winning.

There are multiple options of keyboards and mice, as well as the top-range webcam from Razer and its compact microphone. For your mechanical keyboard fix, you can go big or small. If you prefer compact, you can pick between black or white versions of Razer’s Huntsman Mini 60-percent boards with clicky optical switches for just $95 at Best Buy or $94 at Amazon. A small-format keyboard might be intimidating at first, with its omission of a number pad and F-keys, but it allows you to keep your hands…

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