Qualcomm is updating its Snapdragon branding to try and simplify its chip names

qualcomm is updating its snapdragon branding to try and simplify its chip names

Qualcomm’s teaser for its new branding scheme | Image: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has announced some key changes to how it brands its Snapdragon chips, including a shift away from the three-digit numbering system it’s been using to differentiate between its products for years. The news comes ahead of the company’s expected next-gen flagship chip debut at the Snapdragon Tech Summit on November 30th.

To start, Snapdragon will now exist as a standalone brand, separate from the “Qualcomm” brand (which won’t be showing up as much on its chips). It’s a direction the company has started moving in earlier this year (the Snapdragon 888 Plus badge, for example, notably lacked the word “Qualcomm”), but today’s news solidifies that plan going forward.

Image: Qualcomm

The already “Qualcomm”-less…

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