PSA: Redownload your Harry Potter e-books from Pottermore before they disappear for good

psa: redownload your harry potter e-books from pottermore before they disappear for good

An email sent to customers warning them about the change. | Image: Pottermore

If you own digital Harry Potter books purchased on Pottermore, you might want to redownload your copies before the option disappears for good at the end of the month. The site is emailing its customers to warn them that the books will no longer be available to redownload after January 31st, since being removed from sale in September last year.

When it launched back in 2012, Pottermore was the only official way to download digital copies of the Harry Potter books. Despite big stores like Amazon running promotions for the titles, which are some of the best-selling books of all time, stores would funnel customers to Pottermore to complete the sale (retailers like Amazon reportedly still got a cut, however).

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