Poly Network hacker gave back more than $600 million in stolen crypto

poly network hacker gave back more than $600 million in stolen crypto

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The hacker that stole around $600 million worth of crypto coins from Poly Network has now finished returning them after starting the process nearly two weeks ago (via CNBC). Poly Network says in a blog post that it’s now beginning the process of returning the stolen assets, which include Ethereum, Binance tokens, and Dogecoin, to their rightful owners. Poly Network says that there’s still work for it to do — it’s working on getting approximately $33 million worth of assets unfrozen and is continuing to restore the functionality of its Poly Bridge service, which lets users transfer crypto between blockchains.

After the attack, the hacker said that he’d stolen the funds to keep them safe, saying that putting the coins in a “trusted…

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