Pixel 6 will reportedly double Google’s smartphone production

pixel 6 will reportedly double google’s smartphone production

The Pixel 6 Pro. | Google

Google is planning a major increase in its smartphone shipments with the impending launch of the Pixel 6, according to Nikkei. The Japanese publication says that Google has ordered more than 7 million Pixel 6 smartphones to be produced, roughly doubling its entire 2020 production. Nikkei cites figures from IDC saying that Google produced 3.7 million phones last year.

And according to Nikkei, it’s not just the Pixel 6 that’ll account for the boost in shipments — the lower-end Pixel 5A, released earlier this year, is said to have received more than 5 million orders. Together with the Pixel 6, which will be announced in full later today, that means Google should more than triple its 2020 smartphone output.

Nikkei reports that Google is…

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