Pinterest whistleblower Ifeoma Ozoma has a new way for tech workers to speak out

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Ifeoma Ozoma poses for a portrait outside her home in New Mexico on February 20th, 2021. | Photo by Gabriela Campos for The Verge

When Ifeoma Ozoma came forward with allegations of discrimination and racism at Pinterest, she was prepared. She had a list of reporters on deck to share her story. She’d already hired a lawyer. Then she started hearing from other tech workers who also wanted to speak out. “The general lack of awareness around options and resources was shocking,” she says.

Now, she’s aiming to fix that.

On Wednesday, Ozoma launched the Tech Worker Handbook — a comprehensive online resource to help employees who want to speak out. “Deciding to go toe-to-toe with a powerful and well-resourced corporation is difficult for many reasons,” the website reads. “Access to information about how to find legal counsel, file a complaint with a governmental…

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