Panasonic photoshopped a white man’s head onto a Black man’s body

panasonic photoshopped a white man’s head onto a black man’s body

We recently wrote how Panasonic maybe went a little overboard with wacky promotional images for its new SoundSlayer wearable gaming speaker. Fun, right? Here’s something less amusing: it appears that Panasonic couldn’t be bothered to take actual photos of its product on actual human beings, so it digitally inserted them into royalty-free pictures from Shutterstock and Getty Images. And then, it appears to have done something worse: stick a white man’s head on a Black man’s body, altering his skin tone to match.

Let’s start with the less egregious example. Here’s Panasonic’s image of its headset blowing a gamer’s mind:

Image: Panasonic

If you type “nerdy gamer” into Shutterstock, it’s the very first result.

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