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Wow, we sure liked Netflix on Wii U
Alongside the rather dispiriting — perhaps even controversial, depending on your take — news of the Wii U and 3DS eShop being shutdown in the next year, Nintendo also shared a rather neat trip down memory lane. Similar to the year-end Switch website many of us used, you can visit My Nintendo 3DS & Wii U memories, login with your Nintendo account and see lifetime stats for your 3DS and Wii U usage.
There are some provisos for the data (for example the 3DS data only includes up to February 2020), but nevertheless it’s a nice little trip down Nostalgia Lane.
We’ve generated our ‘Memories’ and shared the resulting infographics below for your viewing pleasure, even if some of us have disagreements with the ‘data’!
As you can see, StreetPass was a BIG part of my 3DS life, and one of the main reasons I carried the console around with me. Animal Crossing was also a firm favourite, as I imagine was the case with most 3DS owners. I tried to crack Monster Hunter on 3DS – mostly due to Tom saying how amazing it was – but as you can see, I perhaps didn’t get as far into it as I should have done.
For Wii U, I have to admit that my stats are skewed by the fact that my son played Minecraft and Splatoon on it incessantly.
Unfortunately, my Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo Account are from different regions and I can’t link them to get my Wii U and 3DS stats in snazzy infographic format. I can, however, fire up my trusty 3DS (New, XL, Super NES edition, he says smugly) and check my Activity Log for some cold hard stats. I could do the same for the Wii U (White, 8GB edition), but that would mean getting it off the top of the wardrobe.
At the time of writing, I’ve apparently played 172 titles on my 3DS and registered 7,455,756 steps — ha, they don’t include that on your fancy-pants infographics, do they?! Number 1 is Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with 239.42 hours played. StreetPass Mii Plaza comes in 2nd with 207.39 hours (so many meet-and-greets under that arch!), and Fire Emblem: Awakening also makes the podium with 106.38 hours.
Further down, I pumped over 88 hours into GB Tetris, spent 76 hours trying to claw digital ‘badges’ in Nintendo Badge Arcade, and sunk 53.40 hours into racing in Pocket Card Jockey.
Most surprisingly (or not), I spent over 44 hours perusing purchases on the eShop, which makes it my 9th most ‘played’ piece of software on the console. Maybe that’s a sign I need to re-evaluate my financial life choices, but I prefer to see it as a fitting tribute to the awesomeness of the 3DS eShop and just how much it’ll be missed when it’s gone.
Oh how I loved Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS; I have fond memories of flinging myself around with the Insect Glaive and doing mounted attacks at every opportunity. I still play Monster Hunter Rise that way, to be honest. Fire Emblem Fates is on there because it had 3(!) campaigns and in truth I didn’t reach the credits in all of them. Most telling, though, is the presence of StreetPass, a feature I still feel is sorely missed on Switch. StreetPass was brilliant for the community and social elements, even if you were merely meeting Mii characters and not actual people.
I have a number of lovely StreetPass memories, but my favourite was when I actually passed a former NL contributor who is also one of my favourite people. He lives in the US, but we passed in person in Edinburgh, Scotland without realising it when he was on Holiday. Our mutual amazement at that was quite something.
As for Wii U, the funny thing is I don’t remember using Netflix on it that much; what’s even funnier is we still don’t have Netflix on Switch! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is there of course (the last MH game on Nintendo hardware to support voice chat natively, amusingly), as is the brilliant Mario Kart 8. I loved the Wii U and enjoyed experiencing a lot of its smaller eShop games, but even with relatively high numbers they’re still well down compared to the 3DS – the Wii U just didn’t connect with the gaming public, and its impact sadly suffered as a result.
The 3DS might still be my all-time favourite console, so I’m not surprised to see so many hours! I used to play it on my one-hour bus ride to work, as well as pretty much every single night before bed — and I lived in London, so the StreetPass was always poppin’. It’s also not surprising to see that my three most-played games are Animal Crossing and Story of Seasons, because those types of games reward daily play, and dole out their content very, very slowly. I don’t think it necessarily reflects which games I enjoyed the most on 3DS — Ace Attorney doesn’t even feature! — but I’m glad to see Fantasy Life hanging in there. What a gem.
I’m a little ashamed at my Wii U numbers, but to be honest, when I was at ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine) we mostly reviewed games on the shared, in-office Wii U… and who knows where that is now.
The biggest surprise was seeing the Wii U so much higher in numbers than the 3DS, but Splatoon alone basically confirms that it’s probably accurate. Smash doesn’t hurt things either of course, but the outstanding happy surprise for my Wii U times is the inclusion of SteamWorld Heist‘s icon in the bottom right hand corner. Can’t beat that.
At first I was amazed that Pokémon Y came out on top for 3DS considering my memories of that game are minimal at best, but it probably comes down to the fact that my partner played it on my account as well before she got her own 3DS. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no surprise whatsoever, except for the fact that it’s categorised as an RPG. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? I think a majority of those hours were spent trying to understand the tutorial, and I still never managed to defeat a Deviljho.
So, a slight caveat on my memories… Neither of the screenshots is a full representation of my time with the 3DS and Wii U, because I went through multiple consoles and accounts! I used to sell things to buy new things, then sell the new things to buy back the old things… It was a whole thing.
Anyway, I’m pretty confident that although Twilight Princess HD sits at the top of my Wii U playtime, I actually played the Metroid Prime Trilogy a lot longer, just on a separate profile. Similarly, I played a tonne of Fantasy Life on the 3DS, but you wouldn’t know looking at the screenshot! I’m actually quite surprised I spent so much time with Pokémon Ultra Sun, actually — I didn’t really like that one…
Looking at these images brings me back to a very happy period in my life. The 3DS by far remains the best portable console I ever owned, with more game time combined than both my PSP and Vita. That image doesn’t really show the full picture because the 3DS remains home of several of my all-time favourite franchises that stubbornly remain absent from the Switch: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Ridge Racer 3D and most important of all Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy + are all present and accounted for on the 3DS.
Rather more shocking might be the top three games I spent the most hours on the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles X was always going to be the obvious number one since I didn’t just complete the game, I lived it for three months. Now Devil’s Third and Call of Duty: Black Ops II might strike you as a bit odd but the reason is exactly the same: solid, fun online modes. The Wii U was my very first HD console so there are several absent titles on that screenshot. It made me a fan of Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Darksiders among many others I had never experienced before. Also unacknowledged is the amount of hours on both Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition and Tank! Tank! Tank!
I remember thinking it was amazing that I would watch Netflix on my TV, and then pick up the GamePad and watch that same show anywhere around the house! Within 25 feet. In all seriousness, the Wii U may have been considered a flop, but it was everything I loved about Nintendo – something unique and weird and different.
The 3DS was easily my most played console, ever – even though the numbers have somehow disappeared from my account? (I had three different systems, so that likely has something to do with it). I remember the first time I experienced the stereoscopic 3D without glasses, it blew my teenage mind. It was literal technological magic, and to this day nothing else has hit quite as hard. I also know I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on themes for that thing – where are our Switch themes, Nintendo?! And I still remember sneaking that thing into work at my very first adult job, and somehow StreetPassing with professional adults in my office building – who were also playing Pokémon and Animal Crossing? I love the Switch dearly – but it could still learn a thing or two from the 3DS.
Those are our official memories, be sure to share some of yours in the comments!
About Thomas Whitehead
Thomas Whitehead
Tom has been involved in the games industry for a decade, mostly writing about it or struggling to sell Indie games. Loves reading, writing, hunting Capcom’s fiercest monsters and watching baseball.
Comments (63)
Haha, my Wii U was truly a smash bros & Netflix machine at the time:
I wasn’t old enough back then to buy my own games so I always had to wait for birthdays or christmas 😅
Those Netflix numbers.
Those are why Netflix isn’t on Switch.
The 3Ds will go down as one of the greatest consoles of all time.
And my personal favorite.
Can’t share the infographic right now but my top most played 3ds games are MH3U and MH4U.
Top 3 games on my chart are pokemon games. We’ve got 200 hours in Omega Ruby (between me and my kids), and last week it finally shown us the infamous "your save file is broken" message. Guess they’ll have to start again. And I’ve just ordered FE:A to dethrone Ultra Moon someday.
Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were my top Wii U ‘games’! Xenoblade Chronicles X was a distant 3rd….
It breaks my heart, because my original 3DS was stolen, and while I was able to re-download all my games, my Activity Log was scrapped. This report tells me that Team Kirby Crash Deluxe was my #1 game, which is almost disrespectful of the hundreds of hours I poured into Kid Icarus Uprising
On Wii U, I spent 1401 hours with 56 titles. I spent 382 hours with Hulu, and 212 hours with YouTube. I like to think I was pretty good at those games, even though I never finished the Bob’s Burgers level on Hulu.
I spent 803 hours with my 3DS, which is a little surprising to me! I played 122(!) titles, with 109 hours on Animal Crossing New Leaf, and 48 hours with Bravely Default.
Nintendo might be done with these systems, but I’m not! I’m gonna keep playing games on both of these for as long as they will work ❤️
So many games I’ve played spanning thousands of hours across multiple 3DS systems starting with the original launch model. Eventually after all the different revisions the 3DS got I went back and bought a Special Edition Metallic Red 3DS which is basically the same as the launch model. On that system alone I’ve played games like Persona Q2 Kid Icarus Uprising and many MANY more but out of all the games I’ve played I tend to spend the most time playing Pokémon. I like to Shiny hunt even if my luck is really bad and I often get lost in it.
The 3DS era was really what cemented Pokemon as my favourite series. I easily put 150+ hours into each game on it and did as much as I could in all of them to boot. I vividly remember doing the entire Looker post game story of XY in one sitting I was that enthralled, hatching over 300 eggs trying to get a shiny Roggenrola in Sun before realising I wasn’t even doing the Masuda method like I though I was and getting lost in both the DexNav of ORAS and the sidequests of USUM. Those are memories that have shaped me for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t be possible without the glorious beast that is the 3DS. Thanks for everything old friend.
3DS was such a good console. I had one ever since they made the XL version – I still have a few 3D pics from the Olympic stadium from London 2012 on there. Since then I’ve left one New 3DS XL on a plane (surprise, never found again), and bought three more (!). Such an awesome piece of kit, and with simple DS compatibility an amazing library of games.
Wii U: Total Play Time: 4148 hrs. Games played: 64
Most Played Software: Netflix: 1613 hr
Top 3 Software: Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll
Favourite Genres: Other, Video, and Multiplayer
3DS: Total Play Time: 1319 hrs. Games played: 156
Most Played Software: Fire Emblem Fates: 158 hr
Top 3 Software: Fire Emblem, Street Pass and Bravely Default
Favourite Genres: RPG, Action, and Adventure
As above indicates I used the Wii U as mainly for streaming but I did play a lot of games but much shorter bursts
Whereas 3ds was all games and collecting street passes. I do miss the street passes it was such a interesting feature that encouraged you to move and be by other 3ds owners.
This makes me want to find another New 3ds XL as a backup. I imagine the prices have skyrocketed in the last 24 hours
But… Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 were also on the Wii U… (the former was even on the 3DS). Why no love for those? Their ports seems to be very popular on the Switch
WiiU 246 hours total, top game Mario kart 8 at 32h. I used the web browser a lot to study human interaction but Nintendo didn’t track my research so I guess that’s good.
I personally prefer 3DS and Wii U than Switch in term of retail design. Both 3DS and Wii U have the Best retail box design in my opinion. White color of 3DS and Baby Blue color of Wii U, such a lovely color for me.
Both of them have their game app icon on their spine so it will look pretty when being displayed.
My next mission in getting more 3DS games are mostly on Japanese exclusive version.
Discounting WiiU games (I can’t find a lifetime ranking thing on there for the life of me), I’ll overlook my time with the 3DS.
Discounting applications, I am surprised my time with Sonic Generations beats out my time with Tomodachi life, Super Mario 3D Land, And The Amazing Spider Man Video game (I was obsessed with the movie at the time). Then again, there’s the random chance i let my siblings play with the games, so who knows how much time was added in from them. But i’ll tell you the other fun thing with the 3DS’ Activity log; you can set it to tell you which game you played for the first time on a certian day, and man, just looking over this thing could pretty much be a summary of my interests all the way up to 2017. I don’t feel like talking about WHICH things, specifically, as that feels like me sharing way too much information about myself, but for whatever reason LEGO games feature on the list quite a bit, despite me never considering them much good on the 3DS. I must’ve been really desperate, huh?
Boy, the days when it looked like 3D was going to stick around…
Stop it already, all these features that are available on the Wii U and 3DS are making the Switch look bad.
I do miss watching Netflix on my 3DS. I also miss playing music and watching the little Excitebike visualizer change with whatever music I was playing. I miss drawing on the little notepad and even the Colors app that had way more color/brush options so I could spend hours drawing something cool. I miss the different menu themes I could use and even buy if I wanted to. I miss viewing all the daily/weekly/monthly stats that told me how much I played which game and when. I miss carrying my 3DS in my pocket while at work so I could see how many steps I took on my shift. I miss getting loads of steetpass notifications while on campus. I miss games that utilized the cameras so I could create a character based on my face. I didn’t own a Wii U, but the 3DS was and is a wonderful little machine.
Alright, nostalgia party over – back to the Switch where I can’t do any of that anymore.
On a serious note… My most played games on 3DS are Resident Evil: Revelations, RE Mercenaries 3D and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate.
My most played game on the Wii U was Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors cut (probably the best port on the system – unfortunately I think it sold really poorly).
Ok, I admit I only played around 70 hours totally on the Wii U. Not only it lacked good 3rd party ports (Splinter Cell Blacklist ran very poorly compared to the PS3 version). But there was something really "off" about it; it really surprised me how big the controller was.
Plus the idea of having a second screen on the controller just didn’t work (it worked very well on the 3DS/DSs though): Your eyes simply had to travel too far a distance from the TV to the controller screen and back (it just didn’t work IMO – bad design simply put).
@Fizza post game story!? Whoever heard of Pokémon post game story!? /s
Sword and Shield made me so mad that the post game story was just a quick tour of the map and pick up your legendary doggo.
I was shocked to find Netflix on 3DS was my top played game, but I guess my oldest daughter did get a hold of my various 3DS’s…
My top three: hyrule warriors, xenoblade chronicles x, and, surprisingly, final fantasy tactics Advance. I would have figured axiom Verge, wind waker HD or mario maker would have ranked….
@IronMan30 How many 3DS units do you have? I got one for my wife exclusively for the purpose of playing Animal Crossing together. Both of ours now collect dust. Might sell them one day.
@Astral-Grain really, I always had just 2 concurrent models, but the XL and the New 3DS XL were the latest I owned. I was exaggerating for effect.
Yeah I’m calling foul on Netflix. I honestly don’t know if I ever used it more than once just to see how functional it was and yet it’s in my top 3. And I’m seeing a ton of people online saying essentially the exact same thing. So either there’s some glitch in these numbers or Netflix was booting itself in the background and we had no idea.
This thing is wack.
Looked at my "3DS Memories" and it told me I’ve played Luigi’s Mansion for 121 hours. I’ve never even played Luigi’s Mansion!
Citizens of Earth as well. I’ve played it for, maybe… 30 minutes? According to Nintendo, I’ve racked up 114 hours in it.
Top 3 3DS were Shin Megami Tensei 4, Phoenix Wright, and Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds.
I accept this, lol
1730 hours on Mass Effect 3 is my number one WiiU game. The online multiplayer, free and with built-in online chat and ability to send invites, far exceeded what the switch offers now in terms of an online experience. Some great gaming memories.
MARIO KART 7 160hr
Fire Emblem: Awakening 111hr
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D 106hr
Wii U
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 263hr
Xenoblade Chronicles X 131hr
MARIO KART 8 121hr
One thing that surprised me is that my total play time on Wii U is greater.
I watched all of ‘Breaking Bad’ through Netflix on the Wii U controller… my wife was very happy I didn’t watch it on the good TV
Mario and Luigi dream team was my most played 3DS title… having the music player in it contributed to it a fair chunk, but still
This is such a cool idea, but the stats it shows me are meaningless. I don’t care about seeing 1.Netflix, 2.Amazon Video, 3.Minecraft hours played by my kids.
I wish I could see more extensive stats so it would include things I care to look back at, like hours spent on Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, etc.
413 fun filled hours on the Wii U…Top title? Twilight Princess HD with 66hrs. 2nd was Mario Kart. 28 titles played. I’ve already got more hours on my Switch with just BOTW and Dragon Quest XI S. I passed my Wii U on when I got my Switch and it continues to get mileage to this day.
Not sure if Netflix as a top App/Game is sad or not.
Maybe it was all that was available before tablets took hold…
I will say I loved Miiverse, folders, themes and buying retro games instead of renting through subscriptions.
I already went over my figures in the forums but will repost here.
Total Play Time: 2633 hours
Titles Played: 279
Most Played:
1) Fire Emblem Awakening – 264 hours
2) The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D – 180 hours
3) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 154 hours
Favourite Genres: RPG, followed by Action and Adventure, with a hint towards strategy
Wii U:
Total Play Time: 1760 hours
Titles Played: 153
Most Played:
1) Hyrule Warriors – 219 hours
2) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – 128 hours
3) Xenoblade Chronicles X – 97 hours
Favourite Genres: Action, with everything else being fairly balanced.
I have no doubt my total play times will increase. I know for a fact these figures don’t include internet purely because if we include internet, my Wii U usage would go up by another 5000 hours (no joke, 5131 hours and 10 minutes according to my Wii U Activity log).
Comparing some of these figures to my Switch is interesting:
Splatoon 1 vs Splatoon 2: 60 hours vs 290 hours. Definitely a difference when I owned two from the start as opposed to the first 1 year in.
Hyrule Warriors Wii u vs Switch: 219 hours vs 325 hours. Add on Legends from 3DS (147 hours) and you get 691 across all three. This is versus 55 hours for Age of Calamity.
Fire Emblem Awakening vs Three Houses: 264 hours vs 275 hours, with me still needing to do the fourth route.
To be fair, it was a lot harder to get Netflix onto your TV back then.
I boycotted the WU (and Wii) era so only 3DS memories here. I still play it once a week or so for the Pokemon Shuffle online event, and actually have that game across two 3DS systems: my original small one and then the New 3DS XL. My recent game purchase was New Super Mario Bros 2 about a year ago and it was such a pleasant surprise. One of the best 2D SMB games ever, and I played it start to end without being distracted by other games. That’s rare these days.
Mii Plaza was another great memory, especially racking up hits from all over the world when I travelled, including 3 trips to Japan. I fell just 3 short of getting all 47 Japanese prefectures, while picking up obscure countries like Honduras and Suriname. Suriname was actually in my local neighborhood at home in Australia, so that was weird. I picked up about 40 USA states and half of Canada’s provinces. Of course, the hits, the hits! Japan was chaos as the 10-limit queue would fill just walking through a station. On the train I clear them, then pick up another 10. Curiously, Stockholm was probably the next most prolific location for hits.
My 3DS play time:
Pokemon Shuffle – 1400:14 hours (plus 1089:19 on the old 3DS)
Mii Plaza – 217:37
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 217:27
Mario Kart 7 – 181:53
Star Fox 64 3D – 57:44
Super Smash Bros – 29:15
New Super Mario Bros 2 – 24:39
Double Dragon NES – 18:45
Mario Tennis Open – 18:25
Metroid: Samus Returns – 14:37
Pilotwings Resort – 13:34
@CharlieGirl That’s nothing.. you should see the hours I racked up on Funimation with the Switch! 😅
Really cool they’re doing this. The one thing that stinks is that my activity log isn’t accurate because I had to get a replacement 3DS when my car was broken into. They smashed the car window and took like 50 cents worth of change and my 3DS that was hidden in the console. Curious what my full activity log would look like… definitely guess I spent the most time playing Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Animal Crossing, and the Pokémon titles.
I still have 4 games to buy. Dragon Quest 7 and 8, Samus Returns, and Kirby Planet Robobot. I wish Nintendo would do one final sale.
My total hours on the 3DS are 535 hr. My top game was 64 hr playing Kirby Triple Deluxe. That was one of the first 3DS games I got. I remember really liking the Kirby Fighters sub game. I might have even played it more than the Deluxe version which came out later.
I never had a Wii U, but I did have friends who had one so I have played it a little bit. I think the first time I saw it it was actually on an old SD CRT! I remember thinking it was so strange that the Gamepad showed the same screen as the TV (and being quite impressed by the graphics on it!)
@JustMonika did you ever finish it? I heard 100%ing that game was really hard
Sorry, but i have to ask…how do i find these stats for myself?
If I had my old Wii U, Miiverse would probably be my most played followed by Nintendo Land and Super Mario 3D World.
@CharlieGirl Just as hard as casually watching every episode of One Piece over the weekend 😆
@Ralizah haha I said the same thing to bimmy-Lee. It said it only played 20 something wii u games which Is incorrect, same with 3ds.
Unfortunately I I have no clue what email I used and I doubt I have access to it and I have no clue what my password is
The Wii U gets a lot of hate, but when looking at my library, I loved he thing and amassed a large collection of varied titles. At the time, I felt and still feel the build quality is cheap and that it needed a better name. Wii U just confused consumers who, unlike us, don’t follow video game news closely. If nothing else, you can hack the Wii channel and make it a powerful emulation box
feels some sort of way to have put more time on my 3ds than everyone combined
How did you get that gaming statistic from your Wii U machine?
My two roommates and I had a hearty laugh when we all realized that either YouTube or Netflix was the top ‘game’ on the Wii U for us. XP Smash and BOTW were the next biggest ones for me, though far dwarfed by the 1500 hours of YouTube watched on it. XD But…for a long time, I did use my Wii U Gamepad as a TV whenever I sat down to eat, so…
Nearly 10,000 hours spent on this thing…honestly kind of surprised I spent so much time on Smash
I wish we could get these statistics for Switch. The year-end summary was fun, but I want to know how much of a degen I’ve been over the full 5 years
@Anti-Matter I didn’t get it off of the Wii U itself. I had to sign in to this:
It’s nice to see these articles that are not just Nintendo news, but also a way to get to know the people behind the articles. Btw, my 3DS stats on this "memories" website are off by about 400 hours.
My greatest memory with the 3DS is playing Tomodachi life, which i still do. On Moomin island, where me and joker from Persona 5 have had 3 kids together. And Linkle and a blue version of Pit are married with kids… and the fact that Rosalina ditched Tingle for Mario. And the fact that Villager Boy and Girl have a band about murder (Killager).
Wii U? Probably Nintendo Land.
Pokémon Sun was the no.1 most played for me, following Y and then omega Ruby (4th spot would have been fire emblem Awakening, thought I’d mention it for the sake of variety, but then Pokémon Gold follows that so that doesn’t help…)
I think if I had the 3ds at launch instead of the vita (I ended up getting one about a year before the switch launched) I may have appreciated the system more, seems like it has a lot more to give than what I ended up getting out of it.
Still got xenoblade, samus returns and Luigi’s mansion 2 to play though, I should make time for those.
#1 for me on 3DS is KORG DSN-12, which isn’t surprising because I still use that and KORG M01D nearly every day. Mostly I’m just glad that it beat out that stupid badge thing. Also StreetPass Mii Plaza (though I am proud to say that I finished EVERY game in that thing 100%).
Over on Wii U, Xenoblade X in first place is also not a surprise, but man oh jeez, 1281 hours… is. That’s over 53 full days of my life!
Apparently I’ve clocked 1,759 hours from 175 games on the 3DS, and 1,892 hours from 61 games on the Wii U (though more than half of that was Netflix and Amazon Prime).
Long live StreetPass Plaza, Smash43DS, BOTW!
My Wii U Stats.
#1 Splinter Cell Blacklist (89 Hours)
#2 Super Mario Maker (66 Hours)
#3 Mass Effect 3 (49 Hours)
“Devil’s Third – Online” should be high too.
I bet no one would expect a top 3 like this.
Majority of time on Splinter Cell and ME 3 were online co-op.
Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U (89 Hours)
Splinter Cell Blacklist PC (Probably around 100 hours)
Splinter Cell Blacklist Xbox 360 (Probably around 100 hours)
Splinter Cell Blacklist PS3 (Probably around 100 hours)
I 100% Blacklist on 4 systems online and offline.
#1 Zelda – A Link between two worlds
#2 Lego City Undercover
#3 Resident Evil Revelations
I have 3675 hours total on my Wii U across 111 games.
1) Hyrule Warriors = 589 hours.
2) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 = 427 hours
3) Super Mario Maker = 406 hours
@shgamer Most Wii U owners bought Mario Kart 8, so it were popular.
The lack of proper Battle Tracks is probably why it isn’t on any top 3.
Apparently my top game at 291 hours is Pokémon Sun. I’ve never played Pokémon games in my life. Also it says I have no Wii u hours even though I last played tonight……
Thanks for the heads up for this. I clocked up…
Total 3011 hours
Pokemon x/y 502
Animal Crossing NL 433
Pokemon Omega Ruby 329
Total 3197 hours
You tube 1186
Splatoon 579
COD Black ops 389
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Nintendo Switch Online – Every NES, SNES, N64 And Sega Ge…

Pokémon GO Community Days 2022: February Community Day Featured Pokémon - Hoppip
Pokémon GO Community Days 2022: February Community Day F…

Thousands Of Dollars Of Rare Factory-Sealed SNES Games Unearthed After 27 Years In Storage
Thousands Of Dollars Of Rare Factory-Sealed SNES Games Un…

Nintendo Of America Launches A Packed My Nintendo Store
Nintendo Of America Launches A Packed My Nintendo Store

Random: Where Does Hyrule Truly End In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? Let's Find Out
Random: Where Does Hyrule Truly End In Zelda: Breath Of T…

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