Delivering a look at how a second pandemic year impacted email Opt-Out activity
AUSTIN, Texas, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OPTIZMO Technologies, the industry leader in email suppression list management, has announced the release of its annual Email Opt-Out Infographic, updated to include data from 2021.

Since 2018, OPTIZMO has been publishing original research on global email opt-out activity and behavior, based on the hundreds of millions of opt-outs processed by the company’s platform each year. Each infographic has focused on three key pieces of data around these opt-out requests:
WHERE – a look at the geographic information related to opt-out requests (Where opt-out requests come from.)
WHEN – a deep dive into the date, weekday, and hour of the day when opt-out requests are submitted.
WHAT – depicting device and software data related to opt-out requests, including mobile vs. desktop, browser, and operating system data.
OPTIZMO is uniquely positioned to report on this type of data through these infographics, due to its position as the industry leader in delivering SaaS products focused on the collection, processing, storage, and distribution of email suppression lists and opt-out requests. The company processes hundreds of millions of email opt-out requests every year on behalf of its over 500 clients. This level of data processing helps deliver insights into these unsubscribe requests at a macro level.
Beginning with the 2020 Email Opt-Out Infographic and now continued in this new release for 2021, the infographics have provided a window into how the pandemic and its disruption of daily life has (and hasn’t) impacted how consumers opt-out of email campaigns they receive. The company noted a variety of shifts in consumer behavior during 2020 and began analyzing the 2021 data with an eye toward determining if those shifts continued or adjusted back toward pre-pandemic norms.
“With a second consecutive year with a much larger percentage of people working remotely and access to daily out-of-home activities still reduced, we were curious to see if the behavior shifts we identified in 2020 would carry over into 2021, accelerate, or begin adjusting back to pre-pandemic levels, as the world started opening back up,” said Tom Wozniak, Executive Director of Marketing at OPTIZMO.
The 2021 Email Opt-Out Infographic is available for download from the OPTIZMO website at –
Since its founding in 2009, OPTIZMO has delivered industry-leading compliance solutions for companies involved in email and SMS marketing. The company supports clients around the globe within their compliance initiatives to meet various sets of rules and regulations impacting their marketing programs. OPTIZMO is also a recognized thought-leader in the industry, regularly publishing authoritative content and speaking at various industry events.
OPTIZMO Technologies is the recognized thought-leader in the email and online marketing space for email suppression list management, email campaign management, data management, and risk mitigation services relative to email compliance. With an expert staff in pursuit of unrivaled efficiency, innovative technology, and an insatiable desire to problem-solve, clients find a customer-centric business model that not only enhances the way OPTIZMO clients do business but drives the company forward. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX, and has offices and team members in Charleston, Denver, and Brisbane, Australia.
Media Contact:
Tom Wozniak
Executive Director of Marketing
[email protected]

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