Oprah went on Clubhouse; only 23K people tuned in

oprah went on clubhouse; only 23k people tuned in

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Happy Tuesday, peeps. We’re so close to Thanksgiving, I can taste the cornbread casserole. Yes, that is my dish, and yes, I’m from the Midwest. No further questions, please! We have a relatively light one today, which seems to be because many companies are taking it easy through the rest of the year. The social audio companies, however, are continuing to land the deals and make the news. No rest for the startups. Although I have lots of things to say about Spotify’s audiobook company acquisition from Thursday, I’m saving it for hopefully later this week. (If you work in the literary world and have some thoughts on the audiobook market, feel free to reach out!) Otherwise, let’s get to it.

The New York Times says COVID misinformation is…

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