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Surreal resists the clichés of the cereal aisle, with a series of “off-beat” visuals and multi-purpose mascot.
London design studio Onwards has crafted the “off-beat” branding for adult-orientated cereal brand, Surreal.

Surreal is a new range of cereal, geared towards a more mature audience; the four flavours are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan.

onwards designs a “surreally good” identity for a grown-up cereal brand

“Most importantly, it tastes like the indulgent cereal we all still secretly love,” says Onwards founder Joe Ryrie. The Onwards team is responsible for the naming, strategy, and packaging for the cereal start-up.

According to Ryrie, the studio saw an opportunity to put a spin on familiar cereal branding codes. “The reason why we love those favourite childhood cereals is because they take us back to a time when we were free of responsibilities,” Ryrie says. “It was a simpler time.”

What do you think of the branding for Surreal? Let us know in the comments.

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