Nvidia’s GeForce Now will be limited to 1080p on Samsung and LG TVs — for now

nvidia’s geforce now will be limited to 1080p on samsung and lg tvs — for now

Image: Samsung

Samsung and LG have embraced cloud gaming this winter with support for Google Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now in their television sets — but neither brand of TV will include Nvidia’s best quality streams for now. Nvidia cloud gaming boss Phil Eisler confirmed to The Verge that TVs will start at 1080p, and it sounds like the company’s 4K HDR streams will stay exclusive to the company’s own Nvidia Shield TV set-top through the first half of 2022.

But afterward, that may change — depending on your TV’s processor.

“The TVs use many different SOCs with different performance levels capable of decoding our streams at 60 FPS, so we’re focused on 1080p first,” Eisler explains. “We’ve rolled that out with LG first in December and with Samsung…

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