Nvidia’s GeForce Now gets an RTX 3080 upgrade to take on Stadia and xCloud

nvidia’s geforce now gets an rtx 3080 upgrade to take on stadia and xcloud

RTX 3080s are heading to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. | Image: Nvidia

Nvidia is launching dedicated, low-latency RTX 3080 gaming pods in the cloud before the end of 2021. GeForce Now will offer access to what Nvidia describes as “the most powerful gaming supercomputer ever built,” to stream PC games from Steam and the Epic Games Store to Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Android TV devices. Preorders begin today for select members of GeForce Now.

It’s a big moment for game streaming, as it’s rare to get access to machines in the cloud with the latest GPUs, especially one that PC gamers are still struggling to purchase in stores right now. Nvidia is also promising incredibly low latency for these dedicated RTX 3080 pods, with performance that should beat the majority of game consoles, PC gaming rigs, and…

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