Nreal’s $599 mixed reality glasses are launching in the US on Verizon

nreal’s $599 mixed reality glasses are launching in the us on verizon


Nreal’s augmented reality glasses are coming to the US through a Verizon partnership. The $599 Nreal Light glasses will appear in 20 Verizon stores nationwide on November 30th and be available for purchase online December 2nd. The glasses are compatible with several recent 5G-enabled Samsung phones and one OnePlus 5G device.

The Nreal Light is one of the only consumer-focused AR headsets on the market. The Light glasses launched first in Korea last year, and they’ve since expanded to Japan and Germany. They support projecting 3D images into real space using reflected micro OLED displays, while outward-facing cameras let the glasses scan real space and pin virtual objects — like screens or game boards — into particular locations. The…

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