‘No easy solution’ for Tesla Cybertruck’s comically large windshield wiper, Elon Musk says

‘no easy solution’ for tesla cybertruck’s comically large windshield wiper

New drone footage of a prototype Tesla Cybertruck being tested on the company’s track in Fremont, California, was published Friday, prompting Elon Musk to address the vehicle’s hilariously oversized windshield wiper.

The Cybertruck’s massive, flat windshield, blending seamlessly into the hood, was one of the electric truck’s most distinctive features when it was first unveiled in 2019. But keeping a clean windshield was something Tesla’s design team didn’t even consider, as evidenced by the original prototype’s lack of a working windshield wiper.

But now that the truck is getting closer to production, we’re starting to see the compromises that Tesla will have to make in order to accommodate the Cybertruck’s polarizing design — the need…

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