Nintendo’s new Game & Watch is the cutest way to play classic Zelda games

nintendo’s new game & watch is the cutest way to play classic zelda games

Image: Zelda

It’s not hard to play the original Legend of Zelda games. With each new hardware release, Nintendo trots out its 8-bit Hyrule adventures again, giving players a chance to relive (and rebuy) the games that started it all. If you’re a Switch Online subscriber, for instance, you can play them right now on your Switch. Even still, there’s something pleasing about Nintendo’s new standalone Game & Watch handheld. It’s a niche little toy that does nothing more than let you play three classic games and keep track of the time. But it does a great job at it — and it’s so darn cute.

This latest retread of nostalgia is a sequel of sorts. Last year, amidst the height of next-gen hype, Nintendo released a small plastic-and-metal machine that played…

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