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Want that one, that one, that one…
Following on from its Direct presentations, Nintendo is in the habit of throwing up an infographic on its social channels showcasing the logos of every game that featured in the stream. A couple of days on from the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, the company has now put out its latest one via Twitter.
With the obvious heavy hitter Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom — the pronunciation of which Nintendo has now officially commented on — taking pride of place top left, much of the table is dominated by numbers from all the sequels we saw, with Pikmin 4, Octopath Traveler II, Bayonetta 3, the Front Mission remakes, and a host of Resident Evils and more all throwing numerals around the place (not forgetting It Takes Two, of course).
Nice, isn’t it? Sure, it’s just an infographic, but we enjoy using these as handy sheets to check and circle games we’ve got our eye on in the coming months. The holidays are fast approaching!
Let us know below which of the games you’ll be circling with red pen, and if you need your memory jogged, check out our round-up of every game announced during the September Nintendo Direct.[source]About Gavin Lane
Gavin Lane
Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.
Comments (90)
First and second row, hands down.
Harvestella, Tunic, fatal Frame
I am still dealing with the fact that Pikmin 4 is real and is coming next year
All I wanted was a release date for Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp and Metroid Prime anything (trilogy, remaster, 4 – LOL)…
I always get such a good vibe from these infographics. I remember I collected all the logos of the Wii games announced at the E3 2006 and made my own infographic on MS Paint.
Can’t wait for Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse!!!
And also Raincode
My reaction from the list above.
Blue Circle = Definitely YES
Yellow Question mark = Unsure
Red Cross = Definitely NO
Double Black Cross = HELL NO !!! (BANNED games)
Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and Super Detective Case Files: Rain Code for me…
@Anti-Matter u not a fan of Zelda?
Don’t take this an insult or anything plz it’s ur opinion
I never like zelda games. It doesn’t look appealing for me from every single aspect.
I immediately turned off the video when I found zelda 2 from Nintendo Direct last time as I have zero interest with zelda games.
Everything I’ll eventually get…
Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Octopath Travler II
Pikmin 4
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Tunic (it looked interesting enough)
The "Farm Sim" Direct was somehow still good.
@Anti-Matter honestly I’m not a big Zelda fan either
No pikmin? I think it’s something that you might like, considering your opinions in the past. If not that’s ok.
Don’t want that one, that one, that one…
every single “Nintendo headline” I was really hoping advance wars would be there. There were so many other games of the same genre that it made me sad. Yet again fire emblem and Zelda steal the show.
I am so excited for Pikmin4. I’ll be so disappointed if we don’t get a made-for-Switch Resident Evil from Capcom. It could be awesome
To be fair, there’s only like 5 I care about enough to play.
Zelda, Bayonetta, Theaterhythm, Rain Code, maybe Sifu if an Xbox port doesn’t pop up, Sparks of Hope, Ib, Rune Factory 3… geez that’s a lot!
I only care about the first 2 games on this whole list. The rest feels like mediocre filler. Nintendo really needs to step their game up, their lineup has been lacking for several years and I don’t think that’s just because of the pandemic.
All I see when I look at the info graphic is Pikmin 4.
Just Pikmin 4 for me. Zelda and Bayonetta look fantastic too but I probably won’t get them right at launch.
As nice as it is to give Pikmin another outing, I am still surprised it’s happening, all the previous games together have only sold around 5.8 million copies, although Pikmin 3 Deluxe did sell the most at 2.23 million copies on the Switch.
So perhaps Pikmin 4 will do even better on the Switch, I does help that this is Miyamoto’s pet project though.
Tinykin looked more appealing for me than Pikmin.
I’ll take the top 2 rows, Ryza 3 and It Takes Two.
Thought I’d plop this thing I made a few days ago here, every game from the direct in one collagey thing
Fair enough. I liked that game as well. But if you liked tinykin you might want to try pikmin 3 because it’s on sale right now.
Not that many games there that interest me but enough to keep me busy. Plus advance wars will pop up at some point.
Spongebob cosmic shake but i’d prefer if it came out on iphone as did battle for bikini bottom
and here it is…the destruction of my budget. Also puts in perspective that 4 or 5 farm/action rpg sims were not enough to dominate the direct.
Ugh I count 33 on my want/DLC list. Plus the Suikoden announcement? Yep this is gonna hurt.
I must be getting old because all I’m excited for is goldeneye and tears of the kingdom. I’m more excited about goldeneye though, wind waker is still my favourite Zelda
@GoombaKing64 People keep comparing pikmin 3 and tinykin but they seem like very different game genres to me. One is a survival strategy game and one is a pretty normal collect-a-thon platformer with some lite consequence-free puzzles. I think people could like one and dislike the other very easily unless they happened to like both game genres.
Take the Resident Evil stuff off, cloud doesn’t count.
I can see me getting at least 14 of those.
The deluxe version of Kirby RtD was a flat moment for me. Love Kirby, love the game, but it just seems a bit uninspired to be deluxing it.
Imagine if the Kirby announcement was replaced with an F-Zero Deluxe announcement… Or Golden Sun… or Mother Collection… but no, just more Kirby…
6 definites and another 3 possibilities which is a lot.
Looks like next year is already shaping up to be really good. Given how impressive this year has been its great to see them keeping the pace up.
@GogGogGogGog he too over react
@Anti-Matter we’re literally polar opposites 🤣
A list of names is not an "infographic".
Super excited for Zelda and Kirby but I’m absolutely stoked for A Wonderful Life remake. That game was my whole childhood and the trailer looked super promising.
Can somebody explain to me why the date on the top is written in the USA format MM/DD/YYYY but Mario Strikers has the UK title “MS: Battle League Football”? It’s just MS:BL in the US FYI.
Games I’m getting day 1-
Bayonetta 3 (Collector’s Edition pre-ordered)
Octopath 2
Atelier ryza 3
Tales of Symphonia
Final Fantasy Crisis Core
Fatal Frame
Life is Strange collection (pre-ordered)
How do I get red pen off my screen?
While I can’t say the Direct had me super excited about anything there was a few games that will be on my must play.
@Purgatorium Whiteout.
Must Gets: Zelda, Octopath, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Bayonetta, Theatrhythm, Ryza, Crisis Core
Maybes: Kirby, Splatoon, Harvestella
Apart from the first party games Master Detective Archives: RainCode and Atelier Ryza 3 are what I’m most looking forward to.
Based on the furthest out release date. There is still a good chance the next gen Switch comes out after the New Year closer to May.
@Anti-Matter omg. Do you no what this means. Anti matter. You are the one
@gcunit HAL doesn’t make F-Zero or Golden Sun.
lacking maybe for you, but I have over 330 games on my Switch and add more every month since launch. I am having no trouble finding quality games to play. So please Nintendo don’t listen to this shallow gamer you are doing just fine.
Once the current Switch line up starts to slow down, sales wise, there will be a chance of a successor being released. Not before this happens. Nintendo literally is printing money right now
I was pretty shocked by how polished Wonderful Life looked because I have been disappointed by the lack of care given to the Harvest Moon and Stories of Seasons games as of late.
@Kirby_Girl Aah, so what you’re saying is… Nintendo has no control over when Kirby games are released…?
As someone who has actually bought a cloud based game (Guardians of the Galaxy) Cloud games do count. They are more than playable at home with a reasonable internet connection and my phone and city I live has 5G wifi with 1 gbps speeds, so I can hotspot to my phone if I’m in a pinch on the go to play some Guardians
I wonder whether the Metroid, Zelda, F-Zero GameCube remasters will release before my steam deck arrives?
That is correct they can assist Hal is getting a game to market but they don’t directly control Hal in completed and releasing a Kirby game
@steventonysmith Oh please, I have more than my fair share of Switch games (I have at least 50-100). The current lineup is just… not great. It’s especially lacking on the first party front, with them relying on a lot of niche IPs and DLC for the foreseeable future and not enough major first party releases, while there’s still a lot of big IPs that have been AWOL for 3+ years (2D Mario, 3D Mario, 2D Zelda, Metroid Prime, DK, Yoshi, and we haven’t had a full retail Mario Kart game of any kind either instead porting tracks from a mobile game to revitalize a 5 year old port of a Wii U game). This has nothing to do with narrow tastes, there’s just been long droughts and less games coming from Nintendo’s biggest IPs.
Mario 3D World came out less than 3 years ago on the Switch, after Mario Maker 2 is there really a need for a new 2D Mario Game? Mario Strikers, and Splatoon 3 just came out this year and they are working on finishing up Breath of the Wild 2. Please lay it on me what first party titles have been gracing the Xbox Series X/S and PS5?
@steventonysmith either way it is a win. Playing a dump of my GameCube disk is fine. Playing an official remaster, with extra features and surprises for $60 could be better, but you know Nintendo rarely goes the extra mile.
@steventonysmith If all the games that are coming out play on both why would it matter?
Because who’s saying they would?
Probably not the smartest idea to talking about manufacturing ROMs on a site I’m sure Nintendo visits every now and then
the only ones i dont care about on that list is the crapcom piece of garbage cloud resident evils games seriously no one should give them any money for being lazy.
Something people often don’t take into account with the cloud versions is they run at greater quality than the Switch is even capable of. I bought the Guardians of the Galaxy cloud game out of curiosity and it ran great, looked amazing and I had no issues with it.
Two things:
I have 1 gbps internet with no data cap
I don’t play undocked often but if I did I have a Samsung S22 Ultra I can hotspot if needed and my city has excellent 5G service. So I understand some people live out in the sticks or are cheap or have cheap parents and for those folks cloud games suck
@steventonysmith Nintendo themselves already confirmed early on in the Switch’s life that if a successor came out during the lifespan there would be cross generational games and all 1st party games would be cross gen.
And Nintendo has kept every promise they have ever made
@steventonysmith Hopefully this one they do, I am only buying physical now so I can re-sell games since we don’t know for sure to hedge my bets.
@steventonysmith problem is if the power goes out during bad weather events there goes the wifi and secondly theres plenty of gamers that live near dead zones as well.
All my games (330 of them) are digital, I’m all in! I love to live risky!
Yup and for them thankfully Microsoft has made the Xbox Series S pretty affordable and Game Pass is a wonderful thing.
Just because people live in the sticks or have faulty electrical systems I shouldn’t be able to use the power of the Cloud to let me play games that otherwise wouldn’t come at all to the Switch?
@steventonysmith Mario 3D World is a Wii U port that likely didn’t take them more than a year to put on the Switch, while it’s been 5 years since Odyssey. I don’t buy for one second that that and 3D All Stars were all they were working on from 2017-2020.
And who said I was praising PS5 and XBSX? Their lineup sucks too, but more because the games they actually chose to make are dull and samey feeling. Nintendo’s definitely suffering from a lack of output.
3D World implemented online play that was missing from the Wii U title. It also looked nicer and ran better. They also included Bowser’s Fury which is a solid 5-6 hours of a fully new 3D Mario game that took the ideas of Odyssey and made any even larger seamless World.
Nintendo is not suffering, they are constantly the best system seller for the month or 2nd place, they also are selling software like hot cakes. If you can’t find enough to play on the Switch between major releases from Nintendo that’s on your shallow outlook of the Gaming Market not Nintendo’s fault.
Oh I forgot about Theatrhythm! Silly me, I do indeed want that.
May I ask why? It looks dull, I would rather just listen to the soundtracks without having to press buttons
@steventonysmith You’re a man living on the edge.
LOL years ago I stopped caring about physical goods, I started making enough money I never needed to trade in old systems or games. I also never really hook up old systems and play older games. I’m often buying too many new games that I would never have time to go backwards. I am all digital with my movies (Vudu, Movies Anywhere, Google TV), Music (Youtube Music Premium) and my Books/Comics (Kindle and Marvel Unlimited)
I am curious, how many of you would buy a “Switch Pro” with up to 4k/60 visuals, 256 gb or 512 gb storage sizes (microSD upgradable) and a 1080p or 2k OLED screen for $499? But one huge catch it’s a digital eShop only machine, no physical card slot
Love infographics, even when the all info isn’t as loved.
… Wun can only hope.
Pretty darn weak line up from my personal perspective.
@steventonysmith not saying you should not get cloud but we shouldnt be supporting this type of laziness from capcom or other devs that uses cloud.
According to your game collection on this site you don’t have a very wide or varied perspective
It’s not laziness, it’s options. You act like setting up a server and maintaining it is a cake walk and requires no effort. Just because they didn’t want Resident Evil 8 to run at 540p at 20 fps from some port doesn’t mean they are lazy
@steventonysmith Honestly it’s a little hard to explain. I bought the first one on 3DS because I love the series’ music and I was completely enthralled. Each song became an active experience that required my focus and participation to complete, and the gameplay loop of trying to finish my favourite songs on higher and higher difficulties had me coming back. You get into a groove, and then the best part of the song comes and you try your damnedest to make it through and to the end. It was a wholly satisfying experience for me.
Now, I did get the follow up as well but it failed to hook me just because of how similar it was to the first one. Because I played the first one to death, the novelty had worn out by then. But it’s been years since I’ve last played either game, so a revisit sounds like a good time. I’m hoping that touch screen controls are included in the Switch version, I never did button controls in the 3DS games and they sound kind of awkward by comparison.
@steventonysmith It’s my disk, I paid for it and I can do whatever I like with it in the privacy of my own home. None of Nintendo’s business.
@Moistnado Nintendo owns the rights to the content on that disc and finds transforming it into a different medium illegal. They also love to lawyer up so I was simply saying stating boldly on a popular Nintendo forum that you are going to commit a crime in Nintendos eyes is not wise
My only interests:
-The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
-Pikmin 4
-Fire Emblem Engage
-Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe
-Bayonetta 3
-More courses for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
-Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
-More N64 games on NSO
-SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake
@steventonysmith I own the game. UK law states that you are allowed a backup copy of software that you legally own.
@steventonysmith Same, PoOT was super disappointing. I’m assuming A Wonderful Life will probably get the same treatment that FoMT got, that being an almost 1:1 HD remake with some added NPCs, which is fine by me because it’s already a pretty good game imo. It looks like there will be some added festivals/events by the looks of the trailer, at least I hope so since that was one of the areas where I think the original was lacking.
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