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With NFTs becoming a $41billion market, non-fungible tokens should be a part of your business portfolio. It’s a lucrative market, partially surpassing the crypto sector, and it’s a gold mine of digital collectibles and opportunities to tokenize real-world objects, artworks, and much more.
But with so many entrepreneurs rushing toward the NFT market, you need to be a bit strategic to persuade customers and retain them.
This blog covers some practical steps while pursuing an NFT marketing service and executing the marketing campaigns.
The majority of entrepreneurs are taking their first steps in the NFT space, and over 70% of them don’t have a documented strategy yet. Some of them think Discord is the only marketing source – but, in reality, it’s not the only one. NFT marketing is a combination of strategies and tools to engender a project-specific community.
Knowing your NFT products/services are great, but what about your customers? Launching your business is pointless if you don’t inform your customers about the offerings. Not like you should preach to them or brag to them about your products. Marketing should be non-promotional, in the way, I mean it shouldn’t be preachy but informative.
A good NFT marketing strategy even-stevens the playing field, regardless of the financial threshold, status, etc. With big brands embracing the NFTs, the corporate power will have that persuasive factor. However, a carefully put-together NFT marketing strategy evens the playing field to make way for businesses (regardless of size).
You may not be a wealthy business owner during the start of your NFTpreneurship career. However, marketing will bestow a sigh of relief (on you) with revenue-driven strategies. On a typical business day, without marketing, you work with peanut-paying clients. However, with NFT marketing, you may witness new business opportunities.
Building community is the first marketing step for NFT businesses. Putting like-minded people together will help these businesses educate, spread (the word), and leverage the utilities.
But you know what? Only one in every three NFT businesses knows the significance of community. Even when some companies manage to form a community, they fail to retain the members. Because most of them think NFT enthusiasts join communities only for giveaways, rewards, joining bonuses, etc. But it’s not true – people like businesses that engage them consistently.
NFT marketing is a cost-effective way for businesses to keep their communities engaged. But wait – how is it possible, you may wonder? NFTs & crypto have an inherent marketing-friendly nature, which you should enhance with an NFT marketing agency to meet the demands of your community.
I’m not aware of your business portfolio, and not sure at which juncture of your entrepreneurial career you’re reading this blog.
But I think you should read this 5-tip list before proceeding with the marketing activities:
Social accounts play a decisive role in persuading customers to your business website. Before that, if you don’t have social profiles already, better create them immediately. Apart from owning a profile on Facebook and Twitter, ensure that you also have one on Telegram and Instagram.
Each element of your social profile counts in your NFT marketing campaign. Let me tell you how:
a. Handle (account name) should be consistent across platforms (you probably would know this!).
b. Ensure that the name includes your business’s name.
c. Profile Photo should resonate with your business’s objectives.
d. Hire a good graphic designer to aesthetically design your profile photo & logo to meet your needs.
If possible, optimize & accomplish things (by yourself) or hire a marketing agency to do it for you.
Focusing on technological and trending NFT trends (e.g., Marketplaces, NFT Gaming platforms, etc.) finds remarkable success in crypto. Using precise keywords directs potential visitors to your site and piques their interest.
If your NFT project is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, having a healthy trading volume is critical to maintaining liquidity and allowing your users to sell their NFTs without waiting a long time. Leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for an NFT-based protocol is an excellent approach.
Well, let me go about this section in two ways:
One way: you can’t oversee your social profiles and marketing campaigns consistently, can you? Delegate your marketing activities to a full-service NFT marketing agency to offload your consignment.
The following way: assigning roles in the Discord platform is quintessential. As Discord servers emphasize community-first policies, delegating the powers (replying, hosting AMA sessions, etc.) will help you in the long run.
Do you remember the popular adage? A picture is worth a thousand words. A visual approach can help you communicate better with each social media platform. Delineate a complex blockchain protocol with an easy-to-understand infographic or a catchy explanatory video.
Adding GIFs to your social media posts or even websites provides a delightful dimension to your marketing campaign. Make sure you post mobile-optimized images and videos to persuade handheld device users.
If you’re ready to market your business, you should also measure your campaign’s performance. Measuring campaign performance starts with leveraging the metric tools as Google Analytics does for website traffic. Likewise, even when you do social media marketing, you’ll see dedicated metrics for each platform.
Knowing such data will showcase how people navigate to your website, which social media posts are effective, measuring the ROI of your Ad campaigns, and much more.
NFT ecosystem is expanding and one could witness technological advancements popping up every day. Likewise, it becomes obvious for you to monitor the NFT marketing trends. Remember this rule of thumb (in marketing) – never hesitate to experiment. Always feel free to stretch your horizons and try what’s best for your project.
If you can’t go about marketing your NFT (all by yourself), better embrace a budget-friendly NFT marketing service, available at your disposal.
Do you have any thoughts regarding this blog? Feel free to share with us in the comments section.
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