New Trailers: Moonfall, The Wheel of Time, Belfast, and more

new trailers: moonfall

Halle Berry stars in Moonfall | Lionsgate

I have to say I’m really appreciating what Ted Lasso is doing in season 2, and this week’s episode had some really great work from Jason Sudeikis and Sarah Niles. I won’t spoil it, but it was remarkable how the couch scene, which would have been just another “Ted being loopy” scene played for comic effect in season one hit completely different now that Ted’s realized he needs help with his mental health. Also, I recommend this New York Times profile of Niles — it’s a few weeks old but nicely captures how she sees Dr. Sharon fitting in with the rest of the Lasso team.

Now on to this week’s teasers and trailers:


“What if the moon fell to earth” is the premise of this Roland Emmerich flick, which looks like about what you’d…

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