Nest smart speakers and displays are up to 50 percent off this week

dseifert nest audio 4225 10.0.0

The Nest Audio is a well-reviewed option from Google, and even more worth considering now on discount. | Photo: Dan Seifert / The Verge

The world of smart home accessories grows each year, with the occasional new idea and the latest iterations on mainstay staples. This segment also heats up around the holiday shopping season and Black Friday as discounts become available, which is ideal because so many of them make great gifts. If you’re invested at all in Google’s Nest products — or you’re looking to dive in and test the waters — this week’s deals have a variety options you might want to strongly consider. Right now, there are significant discounts on Google Nest products at multiple retailers, including Best Buy, Wellbots, and more, encompassing smart speakers, video doorbells, home security, and smart displays.

First off, and leading our selection of Nest deals, is…

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