Nellson Releases New Data on Snack Bars – Store Brands Magazine

Nellson, a manufacturer of branded and private label nutritional bars and functional powder solutions, has released a new infographic detailing the snack bar category. Resources found in the infographic include key market data, consumer trends and how function and format can drive sales.
“There is a huge opportunity for brands to capture sales as more consumers incorporate nutrition and snack bars into their everyday diet,” said Bart Child, Nellson’s chief commercial officer. “At Nellson, we help our brand partners understand what the market is looking for so they are ready to deliver what consumers are seeking which can be particularly challenging as we come out of a pandemic and consumer shopping behavior shifts.”
According to the Anaheim, Cali.-based company, 34% of consumers surveyed said their consumption of nutrition and snack bars increased in 2020, with no signs of slowing down. 
61% said they use snack bars as a convenient snack. 34% eat them to boost their energy, 33% rely on them as a source of nutrients and 30% use them to help improve their health.
“Prior to the pandemic, the nutrition bar market was thriving as consumers desired for bars that provided functional health and wellness benefits,” added Child. “Today, more and more consumers are looking for foods to support their wellness journey, helping expedite the emerging trend of products formulated to deliver functionally specific health benefits. This creates an opportunity for bar brands to build a bar that promotes wellbeing. For some consumers that might mean treating oneself to a bar formulated to deliver an indulgent eating experience or a bar formulated with a blend of ingredients designed to relieve stress or provide a mental boost.”
Founded in 1962, Nellson has production facilities in California, Utah and Quebec. The full infographic page on snack bars can be found here.