Credit: NBA On TNT (Facebook)
The Los Angeles Lakers failed in spectacular fashion this season and are just in week one of what will be an extremely long off-season. The team has been ridiculed all season long and they finally got rid of coach Frank Vogel. However, a lot of trolling is still to be done by fans.
But being trolled by fans is something that players and teams expect. Everyone can talk a big game behind a screen on a profile that may genuinely represent who you are or could be a complete burner. So it must sting for the Lakers to see the channel that airs NBA games making an infographic that trolls the Lakers mercilessly.
On Inside the NBA, Kenny Smith has started doing his Gone Fishin' series that looks at teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs. Naturally, they had to make one for the Lakers and it is arguably the funniest one yet.
The image has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James having a fight on a beach with many members of the Lakers organization watching on. Anthony Davis is in a wheelchair, mocking his season of injuries that barely saw him play alongside LeBron. Not only is AD in a wheelchair, but his aesthetic has also been copied from Mr. Glass, a character that is known to break his bones very easily. 
Russell Westbrook is being buried in the sand by CEO Jeanie Buss, an apt way to reference Westbrook's burial by the media and his own organization. That is reflected in the 'Blame Russ' shirt that Rob Pelinka has on in the graphic.
The best cameo here has to be Snoop Dogg, who is in the back of the image and having a drink on the beach while side-eyeing all the drama that's taking place in front of the Lakers. A very rough season dented further on national TV. But when you hit rock bottom, there is no other place to go but up. Hopefully, the Lakers don't redefine what rock bottom for them is next season.