Natural Cycles’ data shows limited menstrual changes after COVID-19 vaccination

natural cycles’ data shows limited menstrual changes after covid-19 vaccination

Photo by Annette Riedl/picture alliance via Getty Images

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is associated with only a small change to the menstrual cycle, according to a new study using data from the birth control app Natural Cycles. The study follows widespread reports of heavier and longer periods from people who had recently been vaccinated after the start of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the United States.

“This is reassuring for health and reproductive health,” says Alison Edelman, a study author and professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health and Science University. “It’s also validating in regard to patients reporting that they’d experienced something.”

Longer, heavier periods were always a plausible side effect of COVID-19 vaccination. Any stress on the…

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