Nanoleaf’s latest smart lights are more nightclub than ever

nanoleaf’s latest smart lights are more nightclub than ever

Nanoleaf Lines is the latest product from the smart lighting company. | Image: Nanoleaf

First, there were triangles; then there were squares. Next came hexagons, and now, say hello to lines. No, this isn’t your sixth grader’s geometry homework. It’s the latest addition to smart lighting maker Nanoleaf’s ever-growing catalog of modular LED light panels. The new Nanoleaf Lines are ultra-lightweight, color-changing lights in a bar shape. Backlit, they connect at 60-degree angles to create geometric designs of your choosing, and with dual-color zones, the Lines ($199.99) can add a visual feast to any wall or ceiling.

As with Nanoleaf’s Shapes, Canvas, and Elements wall panels, Lines can be installed using pre-affixed, double-sided tape, making it an easy setup — although you’ll want to plan your design before committing….

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