Ministry of Health clarifies steps that pilgrims must take in the event of emergency health cases – Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – The Ministry of Health has clarified the steps that the Hajj pilgrims must take if any emergency health cases suddenly happen.

The ministry explained that if the pilgrims need emergency healthcare, then they must go directly to the emergency department at the nearest hospital. The pilgrims should go to the nearest health center at the Holy Sites in the event they needed non-emergency medical care.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry has published an infographic on its official account on the Twitter platform that includes hospitals locations by scanning the barcode with the smartphones. Or by visiting the Ministry’s website.
The MoH’s website includes several services that are more useful to Hajj pilgrims. The ministry confirmed that if the pilgrims wish to seek medical advice, they can call 911 or 937, and they can also benefit from the "Sehhaty" application to deal with emergency medical cases.