Microsoft’s high-end Surface Pro 8 is $300 off

microsoft’s high-end surface pro 8 is $300 off

Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

After a string of big shopping holidays, we landed on the first big tech event of 2022. I’m talking about CES 2022, for which The Verge produced dozens of articles. All sorts of new, exciting products were announced, and hopefully, some of them may show up in this deals newsletter once they launch later in the year. As for this weekend’s deals, we’re focusing on some hot products that we think will make your life a little better. Stay warm out there.

A specced-out Surface Pro 8 costs $1,599.99 at Best Buy

Look, it’s never affordable to get the most high-end version of a sought-after tablet. That’s why most people choose to get the most affordable one and call it a day. However, if you are after a Windows tablet that can offer big…

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